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Last Updated: February 28, 2017


Interview with Cantech Letter

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Nick Waddell at Cantech Letter about Eyecarrot’s progress over the past 12 months and the upcoming launch of our BinoviTM platform to support vision therapy.


Eyecarrot at Exponential Medicine 2016

It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by since our first participation in Exponential Medicine’s Innovation Lab in 2015, including our selection to compete for the MEDy Awards.


Investor Meetups in Toronto and Vancouver

Last month, our team hosted two meetups in Toronto and Vancouver where we tested oculomotor sensory performance throughout an evening of liquid refreshments and snacking. It’s been a busy, yet exciting time at Eyecarrot and we have no plans to slow down.


Eyecarrot Wins Best in Show Award at Cantech 2016

On January 26, 2016 Eyecarrot participated in the annual Cantech Investment Conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The Cantech Conference is the ultimate showcase for Canadian technology development and investor opportunities.


The Oculomotor Sensory System

Vision is regarded as the human being’s dominant sense through which more is directed and learned than from any other sense. It therefore makes sense that of the twelve pairs of cranial nerves, no less than half of these nerves be directly or indirectly concerned with vision.


Eyecarrot at Exponential Medicine 2015

Eyecarrot participated in the 2015 Exponential Medicine Conference hosted by Singularity University on November 9. This four-day event brought together world-class faculty, participants, demonstrations and workshops to explore and shape the future of medicine.


Binovi: More Than Meets the Eye

Thanks to the proliferation and personalization of mobile devices, there are more and more companies vying for that precious app icon real estate on your phone. Many of these apps have become an essential part of our everyday lives, helping us to keep track of our personal, social and professional selves.


The Pathology of Traditional Optometry

Fifty years ago, the American Optometric Association chose to adopt the medical model and conduct themselves as primary care practitioners. Over time, this fateful decision has become entrenched.

Headshot - Selwyn Super - 01

Our Super Visionary

The term “visionary” has multiple connotations that couldn’t be further from one another both in terms of their meaning or purpose. A visionary can be someone with intelligent foresight who shares a compelling viewpoint of the future.