How does BinoviTM Coach help you?

Use your mobile app from the comfort of your home to complete vision therapy and eye exercises prescribed by Optometrists to help treat Learning Disabilities, Amblyopia, Strabismus, and Convergence Insufficiency issues

Better Vision Therapy Results

Better Results

Optimize your care by completing vision therapy and eye exercises in the comfort of your home in combination with in-clinic or in-office care.

Greater Vision Therapy Support

Greater Support

Collaborate directly and securely with your Optometrist and vision care team using in-app messaging and get automatic reminders to complete activities or for scheduled appointments.

More Vision Therapy Knowledge

More Knowledge

Learn more from your vision care team about how you can improve your quality of life through your vision and share that knowledge with your loved ones.

Higher Satisfaction with Vision Therapy

Higher Satisfaction

Enjoy a data-rich collaborative care experience that places your needs and success at the forefront.

BinoviTM Coach at a Glance

Vision Therapy Dashboard


Get a comprehensive overview of all vision therapy and eye exercises performed — Great for all you parents out there to see how well your children are doing!


You can track your progress week by week and easily access your personalized vision therapy plan right in the app.

Learn and Share

Learn more about vision therapy and its applications through news feeds and articles – Don’t forget to share your knowledge with the world so more people can benefit!

Video Guided Vision Therapy and Eye Exercises


Enjoy having complete control over when and where you do your activities – We’re right here to help guide you through each session and keep you on track.

Expert Instruction

Each activity comes with high quality multimedia instructions recorded by top vision therapy experts to help you complete them perfectly – It’s just like having your own personal vision therapist at home!

Integrated Tools

No more guesswork or hunting for accessories – We’ve got a handy Metronome and Timer built right into the app.

Personalised Vision Therapy Plan

Personalized Plan

Your very own personalized home therapy plan with activities prescribed by your vision care team taking into account your needs and capabilities.

Historical Data

See a full record of every activity and session you’ve completed – go on, reward yourself for a job well done!

In Sync

Stay completely in sync with your vision care team – any updates to your plan or personalized instructions for activities automatically show up in your app. It’s like magic!

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