Vision Therapy Exercises App

Vision Therapy & Eye Exercises Software

Introducing BinoviTM from Eyecarrot — a revolutionary system to advance human vision performance and help treat Learning Disabilities, Amblyopia, Strabismus, and Convergence Insufficiency issues.

Vision Therapy for Patients

For People

Your vision therapy plan in the palm of your hand, synced with your vision care team.

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Vision Therapy for Professionals

For Professionals

Your collaborative care platform to help patients make the most out of their vision therapy sessions.

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Vision Therapy for the World

The Bigger Picture

Come join us and help the world to see better with vision therapy.

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Say hello to the new Binovi Saccadic

The new Binovi Saccadic is here, completely re-designed from the inside out.

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BinoviTM Benefits

Patient Communication


Patients stay up to date on their vision therapy plan, appointments and educational information all via in-app notifications and reminders.

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Using input from patients’ smartphones or tablets our application records patient reported outcomes, satisfaction data, and engagement.

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Clinic staff can track patient progress, receive alerts about potential issues, and adjust care or appointments accordingly.

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Outcome results, compliance data, patient status, and other data can be accessed by doctors and clinic staff for review and action.

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