The Eyecarrot Story

Our Vision

Our goal is to power a global, data-driven, expert therapeutic network to transform how vision performance is diagnosed, exercised and enhanced through vision therapy.

Our Mission

Vision Therapy Exercises

To empower the world to measure, exercise and evolve the Oculomotor Sensory System – the Eyes, the Brain and the Body all working together in perfect harmony.

Collaboration and Innovation

To bridge the gaps between Academic Research, Education and Clinical Practice.

Optometrists Tools

To serve patients and vision care professionals by providing technology and tools to dramatically improve the identification and treatment of Vision Performance issues

Major Milestones

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May 2015

Acquired vision therapy patents and intellectual property of Dr. Selwyn Super, FAAO, B.Ed., M.Ed., PhD, and appointed Dr. Super as Chief Scientific Officer.

June 2015

Eyecarrot completes acquisition of Wayne Engineering, a specialist provider in vision therapy and vision training products. The Wayne Saccadic Fixator is widely used by Optometrists, Therapists, Sports Coaches and other practitioners for vision therapy, eye-hand coordination therapies and training of professional athletes.

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July 2015

Proudly listed for trading on TSX Venture Exchange under stock symbol EYC.V.

November 2015

Eyecarrot selected as a finalist to compete for Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine MEDy Awards, giving recognition to companies designing products and creating healthcare solutions that are industry changing.

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January 2016

Eyecarrot’s vision therapy platform, Binovi, won Best in Show award by DLA Piper at Cantech 2016 recognizing the top achievement in Canadian technology.

May 2016

Eyecarrot announced a $500,000 partnership with Microsoft, as a member of its BizSpark Plus Program, to help advance its Binovi vision therapy platform.

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We are proud to serve more than 1,500 vision therapy and vision training clinics in over 20 countries and we want to double that by the end of 2018. Come join us and make a difference.

Vision Therapy Clinics Using Eyecarrot


Since its inception, Eyecarrot has been on a mission to drive innovation in vision therapy to help Optometrists and other professionals to treat patients with learning disabilities, amblyopia, strabismus, sports performance issues, and other oculomotor sensory challenges. Eyecarrot has won prestigious awards, including Best in Show at Cantech 2016 and MEDy Awards finalist at Exponential Medicine 2015. With its acquisition of Wayne Engineering, Eyecarrot has relationships with over 4,000 Optometrists, Therapists and other practitioners in over 20 countries. Eyecarrot is proud to be listed on the TSX Venture Exchange.

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