Everything You Need to Get Started, All in One Package

We have all the tools necessary to launch your Binovi platform

Many activities commonly assigned as home therapy require the use of specialized equipment. That means vision therapy professionals must keep a stock of materials on-hand for their patients, which can be cumbersome, expensive, and time-consuming!

We’ve put together the new BinoviTM Kit, a comprehensive collection of industry-standard materials and equipment used to complement home activities. We’ve worked with the distributors to ensure kits are affordable, making it possible to issue one to each and every patient, ensuring they have access to the tools they need, all the time.

Industry Standard Materials

We’ve partnered with Bernell, the largest distributor of vision therapy supplies in North America, to assemble and deliver the industry’s standard equipment in a convenient and attractive kit.

Everything is exactly the same as the equipment you’re already familiar with.

  • 10ft. Physiological Diplopia Cord
    (Brock String)

  • Peripheral Awareness Chart
    with Letters

  • 4-Chart Drill

  • Translucent Occluder

  • +/- 1.50 Accomodative Flipper

  • Marsden Ball
    with hook

  • led Flaslight

  • “Lifesaver” Cards

  • Bernell Bull’s Eye Target

  • Custom Scribble Page

  • Parquetry Shapes

  • Free Space Fusion Card
    with holder

  • 65mm Plastic Lens

  • Red Pointer

  • Straw Pointer

  • Custom Hart Charts

Affordable and Accessible

Get everything your patients need, for less!

Binovi Kit contains everything your patients need, but costs less than buying the items individually, and is available only to vision therapy practitioners. Order in bulk for your practice to maximize the savings for both you and your patients

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Order your Binovi Kits through Bernell, just like you would any other vision therapy supplies.

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Convenient and Comprehensive

No more time wasted distributing materials week-by-week to each and every patient.

Binovi Kit is ready to go, right out of the box, with everything a patient needs to complete the bulk of their home therapy. Patients have all their materials, all the time.

Integrated & Instructional

Designed to be paired with the Binovi Coach and Binovi Pro apps.

Activities are listed and demonstrated with the same materials patients receive in their Binovi Kit, making it easier to follow along to the multimedia instructions and complete their home therapy properly.

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Order your Binovi Kits now and help your patients get off on the right foot.

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