What is Binovi?

Our Binovi platform works together to give Optometrists, Therapists and Patients the type of experience they are used to receiving in the world we live in today!

We designed Binovi to help vision therapy teams move toward a paperless process for the delivery of home therapy activities. Therapist training and education, and the planning of weekly in-office vision therapy will streamline your business practice. The efficiencies of digitally prescribing activities, tracking of therapy compliance, and data capture gives insight into your patients’ therapy, allowing you to adjust and customize therapies specific to patient results and needs. Binovi offers you expert high-definition video instruction to promote better education and understanding for your care teams and patients.

With this system in place, you can design and manage personalized vision therapy plans with simple, intuitive, drag-and-drop functionality. An inventory of explicit therapy procedures with clear content and illustrative videos empowers the therapist and patient to collaborate and communicate at an unprecedented level both within and outside the office and practice.

  • Prescribe and track vision therapy activities for your patients to complete at home with help from hd video instructions.
  • Create custom programs for a broad range of vision issues, or custom tailor plans for specific patients.
  • Keep in touch with patients and communicate results quickly and securely with in-app messaging.
  • Learn about new theories and practices to stay current with industry trends and developments in treatment.

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