March 2, 2018

Case Study: Rancho Santa Fe Optometry

Guest Contributor

Our Binovi community is growing! With more and more Optometrists and Vision Therapists using our Binovi Platform, we like to keep in touch with practices to ensure everything is running smoothly. We appreciate all feedback and love hearing about our achievements and where we can improve; after all, your success is our success!

Emily Christensen is the Lead Vision Therapist at Rancho Santa Fe Optometry, in Rancho Santa Fe, California. She and the team have been using Binovi for almost a year now and have decided to share some feedback with us. And we would like to share this with you.

Here is what Emily and her team had to say about us!

When we first heard of Eyecarrot and their Binovi Platform, we were really excited about the possibility of new technology for vision therapy. However, we weren’t sure how it would all transition; we’d been using the same method of prescribing home therapy for over 30 years. Our optometric clinic had the newest and most up-to-date date technology and were excited to potentially blend that into our vision therapy practice. Our patients come from all over San Diego County specifically to see us because they know we have the latest and greatest equipment.

Before we began using Binovi, a 45-minute session had to end 10-15 minutes early for home therapy review. This included the following: physically demonstrating each activity with the patient so the home therapist (usually the parent) knew what to expect, printing out step by step instructions for each activity from our computer database, and then handwriting a calendar listing each activity and how long each activity should be performed. We would then gather each item needed and write what was being handed out to the patient in their chart. Due to limited materials, when an item was lost we would either charge the patient or repurchase the product. We were constantly spending time trying to keep track of what patient had what item. This was tedious.

After learning a bit more about Eyecarrot’s mission and what Binovi had to offer, we decided to take a chance and make the change. Our clinic went through the very helpful Binovi Onboarding. While the team at Eyecarrot helped compile our activities and create our database, we reviewed the Binovi Kits and decided to implement the kit and the app at the same time. We decided we would dispense both the app and kit to the patient on their first day of therapy.

As a result, we had extra time to spend with our patients in the office. The software took away the need for endless printing (and paper waste) and collating of activities and schedules. Along with the vast library of activities available within Binovi, we were also able to upload our practice’s personal activities/exercises and instructions onto Binovi Pro, making everything previously used available to us each time we needed to prescribe therapy. Before Binovi, we had to retype whole documents whenever a small change was made. Now, we can edit them within Binovi Pro instantly. It gives us substantially more time in the therapy room with our patients.

Prescribing therapy became much simpler. Having both video and written instruction available truly helped our patients when it came time to complete activities at home. There’s something extremely helpful about watching a video instead of just reading instructions. Our patients also found it exciting and cool to know we were using updated and familiar technology; their iPhones and Android devices became their new folders. Distributing the Binovi Kit made handing out materials easy. Patients took it home and kept it there, easing the pain of transportation and material loss along the way. Essentially, our patients were set up for success on their first day of therapy.

Today, we have an easier way to categorize and file our activities, improved home compliance from patients, better communication between therapist and patient, and less need to purchase in-office materials. All these factors have helped improve our patient’s success and had nothing but positive feedback from them. Individuals also began seeking out our office based on our implementation of Binovi, wanting their children to have the most successful and positive vision therapy experience.

We at Rancho Santa Fe Optometry would definitely recommend Binovi to any Vision Therapy Practice. It shows your patients that you’re striving to streamline your process and advance your practice with the latest technology, making the overall experience more fun for everyone involved.

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