November 2, 2017

Harry Wayne: A Pioneer in Vision Training

Adam Cegielski

Harry A. Wayne was not only the founder and owner of Wayne Engineering, but a man who immensely shaped the forefront of the visual training industry. Harry brought the world of sensory motor integration and vision development into the digital realm, and his instruments have set the standard for the last 40 years.

Wayne Engineering was established in 1974 by Harry and Elaine Wayne. Its goal was to develop and manufacture special equipment for testing, diagnosing and remediating visual perceptual disorders and for developing sensory motor skills. The product line successfully expanded to include testing and training equipment for enhancing athletic proficiency and sports vision skills.


A company that originally started out as a side project thrived and became a leading designer and creator of equipment used for visual training (VT). Wayne Engineering quickly became known for manufacturing products recognized worldwide for their quality, reliability, and effectiveness.

There was some resistance encountered from the industry, but as we all know, no great success was ever achieved without failure. When Harry developed his first VT instrument, he was told not to waste his time as there was no future in the fledgling industry. However, determination and a keen sense for innovative technology continued to drive Harry’s vision and his business, and soon, Wayne Engineering was at the forefront of vision therapy technology.

In 2015, Wayne Engineering announced that it had been acquired by Eyecarrot. After 41 years in the business, Harry and Elaine decided it was time to retire. Wayne Engineering was now in the hands of a new company, one who echoes a similar determination and set of goals Harry Wayne maintained throughout his career.

As Founder and ceo, I take great pride in preserving Harry Wayne’s vision and innovation by incorporating it into the very fabric of Eyecarrot; its messaging, hardware and its Binovi platform. The tools, history and tradition of Wayne Engineering will be critical in continuing the legacy Harry Wayne has built.

We at Eyecarrot are looking forward to the future; to new ideas, expanding upon what’s been done in the past and developing new equipment for visual health. It was about fifty years ago that Harry Wayne created his first Saccadic Fixator. Eyecarrot has completely re-imagined the device from the inside out with amazing new features: the Binovi Touch. We have taken something that worked really well, and made it work even better by incorporating big data and the digital age of technology into the original Saccadic Fixator. Human potential is untapped; we are not just about improving eyesight, but improving insight as well.

We want to extend our deepest sympathies: our thoughts and prayers remain with the Wayne family. Harry Wayne lived a life of great achievements: his family, his determined innovations, and his tremendous contribution to vision therapy. Without his breakthroughs in technology, we at Eyecarrot would not be here today – thank you for everything, Harry! You were, and always will be, a true inspiration and leader in our industry!

Our sincerest condolences,

The Eyecarrot Team