New Season, New Eyecarrot

What better way to celebrate change than with a new season?

Leaves are changing colour, the air is getting cooler and Starbucks coffee drinkers are celebrating the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Eyecarrot is celebrating some change as well.

Leaves are changing colour, the air is getting cooler and Starbucks coffee drinkers are celebrating the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Eyecarrot is celebrating some change as well. We are announcing the launch of our new websites, the shipment of the Binovi Touch Saccadic Fixator units and improved wall mounts, and the technological evolution of Binovi.

Eyecarrot has been working hard to modernize the landscape of Vision Therapy in a powerful and constructive way. Our software and hardware have evolved and are helping Vision Therapy practices improve on the way they deliver home therapy.

User feedback and the ever-changing scene of technology has helped us better our product, service, and in turn, ourselves. Several enhancements have been made to our software since we first released Binovi. The Binovi Admin has become a more powerful and useful tool for users. Now, not only can you organize your practice and manage your payments, but you can manage your patients and assign activities as well. For those using Binovi Coach, accessibility will be at its finest. We will be announcing the release of a new Coach app for Android, letting users run Coach across the mobile board with fewer restrictions on devices and will be able to take their Coach anywhere!

Eyecarrot introduced the Binovi Academy over the summer. A world-class e-library for delivering specialized educational content regarding the world of vision therapy which will be made accessible to users of the Binovi Pro App. We want to make our Binovi platform as easy to navigate as possible. Walk through all things Binovi Pro, Binovi Coach, and Binovi Touch with step by step interactive manuals helping to improve user experience and aid in staff training. Education is ongoing, so why stop there? Through partnerships with Patti Andrich (Primitive Reflexes Module 1) and Stefan Collier (An Introduction to Syntonics), there are two additional eBooks available through Binovi Pro. We have also released Optometric Extension Program activities for levels VT1, VT2 and VT3 are now available for anyone who qualifies.

Promoting our brand through trade shows and showcasing our products has been a consistent theme for the Eyecarrot Team, however, 2018 has seen us on full blast. Having a more concise mission plan and developed hardware, we see the future of Eyecarrot expanding well beyond Vision Therapy. It’s all about performance; to expand the potential of human vision. Children that have been misdiagnosed with ADHD or other learning issues will now have the ability to expand beyond this stigma and better their underlying binocular vision problems. People are living in a debilitating state, changing the way they go about day-to-day activities. Vision therapy is now becoming commonplace in concussion rehabilitation, and we are going to be part of that rehabilitation.

This leads us into an important part of why Eyecarrot even began. Being part of a passionate community creates a greater meaning to what we do. We are not “just a software,” we are not “just the re-engineered Binovi Touch Saccadic Fixator,” we are part of a movement that seeks to better people’s vision and help them empower their lives. From simple things like marketing materials, a revamp of our logo, and tweaks to our exhibit booth, to more exciting events like partnerships with leading doctors, athletes and notable individuals in Vision Performance Training. Together we are working to make a meaningful change in millions of lives.

We provide the tools, you provide the change!

Eyecarrot Update – Sam Mithani cto

Your feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for Binovi Pro/Coach, for our educational modules and our Touch hardware/software and we’re excited to keep driving our platform forward in the innovative way you’ve come to expect from Eyecarrot. Over the next year, we’ll be focusing on extending our infrastructure to capture in office visits, planning and protocol templates, as well as surfacing 3rd party data from integrations.

Roman’s Story

For change to occur, we must have a starting point.

Roman’s Story

For change to occur, we must have a starting point.

Let’s begin with a personal story without which, Eyecarrot and Binovi wouldn’t exist. One of our own, founder and CEO, Adam Cegielski, owes the conception of Eyecarrot to his son Roman. This is his story:

Roman was a precocious child. As a toddler, he made the leap from pulling himself across the floor to walking on his own, skipping the crawling stage altogether. However, we soon learned that skipping the crawling stage, an important developmental milestone in proximal distance mapping and hand-eye coordination, affected his development and resulted in retained primitive reflexes. At around age 3, we started to notice problems with Roman’s reading and simple eye-hand coordination.

When most people usually think of vision, they think prescription glasses, near and farsightedness, eye exams and yearly visits to the optometrist. Repeated standard visual acuity exams confirmed Roman’s eyesight was 20/20, so his binocular vision issues went undetected. My wife and I continued to support Roman as he tried to live a normal childhood life, but he continued to struggle and fell behind his peers in reading and sports and feeling a lot of pressure in a challenging school environment.

No one had noticed or even suggested testing for the binocular vision issues that Roman had, that is until we took our son to see Dr. Patrick Quaid. Roman was then diagnosed properly and began his vision therapy. Through in-clinic therapy and, very importantly, the committed and persistent effort of Roman’s mother in doing vision therapy at home, Roman has made great strides in his ability to read and is working hard to develop stronger eye-hand coordination. Now, he is a happy child with the great confidence to read out loud amongst his peers!

Based on the experience with our son, I began to think of ways I could make prescribing home therapy a little bit easier, while at the same time spreading knowledge of Vision Therapy. This was the beginning of Eyecarrot — a company with a mission to power a global, data-driven, expert therapeutic network to transform how human binocular vision performance is diagnosed, exercised and enhanced. We have built Binovi, a universal, collaborative care platform that integrates software, hardware, data and expert clinical knowledge to help vision care professionals deliver modern vision therapy to their patients.

Binovi Touch Update

Evolution at the Touch of a Finger.

Binovi Touch Update

Evolution at the Touch of a Finger.

Our Binovi Touch is finally available for purchase and is shipping worldwide! What a great example of technological evolution.

The original Wayne Saccadic Fixator (SF) defined the industry when it was introduced in the 1970s. Harry A. Wayne and his SF brought the world of sensory-motor integration and vision development into the digital realm setting a standard for the last 40 years. Eyecarrot will continue to deliver that standard with our Binovi Touch.

Today, Eyecarrot has produced a device that makes the utmost use of our advanced technology. Using our software and gamification, the Binovi Touch delivers a competitive edge with its Bluetooth connectivity through our Binovi Touch App, real-time data and results, 49-tactile lights, LED matrix displays, and programmable activities. Retailing for $3000, the Touch is now modular, letting you Control multiple Binovi Touch devices from the app at the same time to increase the range and difficulty of activities and link other Binovi and 3rd Party devices.

The Touch is more versatile. Powered via USB, it makes it easy to use and take with you anywhere in the world. The Binovi Touch is portable, built for endurance, and is light enough to carry. Wall-mounting the Binovi Touch gives it a clean spot within your office, gym or rehabilitation clinic.

The New Guy in Vision Performance Training

In sports, vision has the potential to affect an athlete’s performance. Sports Vision, the science of helping athletes reach peak levels of performance through the enhancement of visual skills, is becoming more and more important in training individuals of many sports. This is why vision care for athletes of all ages and skill levels should begin with the identification of visual factors that potentially contribute to peak performance.

The Binovi Touch is an excellent tool used in Vision Performance Training. Participating in ISVA this year (The International Sports Vision Association’s 2nd annual show) we were able to showcase the Binovi Touch and all that it will bring to the benefit to helping enhance sports vision. We invited Bryce Salvador (NHL) to speak at the event and he (amongst many) are advocates of how vision therapy can improve vision performance. This is why Vision performance training is quickly becoming more important in training individuals of many sports. Sports vision tests and training can help athletes determine how well their eyes perform, beyond a basic visual acuity and standard eye exams.

What’s Included

We’re shipping the Binovi Touch in an easy-to-carry box. It includes two pairs of red/green glasses, a power cord and USB cable, two wall brackets, and the corresponding hooks, screws and bolts required for mounting. By only using the brackets in the box, your Binovi Touch sits upon your wall in all its glory.

Great Additions to the Team

We also offer an easy to use adjustable wall mount which offers greater ease of use and flexibility when adjusting the height of your Binovi Touch to easily adapt to the user. The frame is mounted directly to the wall and offers a 36″ (90cm) range of motion with an easy-to-use locking mechanism. The adjustable wall mount allows for your Touch to be as flexible as it needs to be optimized for varying heights improving the user experience. The Adjustable wall mount retails for $500 USD and can be ordered together or separately with the Binovi Touch.

To help with the every-day mobility of some users, we’re developing a portable Binovi Touch Stand that can be taken anywhere. Based on user feedback and consideration, we’ve perfected a unit that will soon be manufactured and available for purchase. It will be foldable, light and easy to carry, with minor additional steps to make it user-friendly, quick and easy.