How does BinoviTM Pro help you?

Use expert, video-guided Vision Therapy exercises in our mobile app to help you treat more patients, save time, improve patient experience and grow your optometry business

Improve Vision Therapy Performance

Improve Performance

Customized vision therapy plans with expert video instruction to help patients improve between clinic sessions. Full set of reporting tools and alerts to track and monitor progress.

Empower Vision Therapy Patients

Empower Patients

Help patients play a chief role in their own vision care and rehabilitation, and collaborate directly with patients to improve their care.

Save Time and Money

Save Time

Automated data capture, alerts and reminders means your staff can focus on other important tasks. Built-in secure messaging means you can communicate with patients wherever you are.

Grow Your Vision Therapy Business

Grow Your Practice

Develop customized vision therapy treatment plans tailored to your patients coverage or affordability. Simple powerful lead generation and referral engine (coming soon!)

BinoviTM Pro at a Glance

Expert Vision Therapy Exercises Videos

Extensive Library

Build a customized plan for each patient by selecting vision therapy exercises from our extensive and growing library.

Expert Instruction

Each vision therapy exercise is described in detail using professional video instruction to help your patients to perform them perfectly from the comfort of their home.

Sync with Binovi Coach

Home vision therapy plans are updated immediately in our companion Binovi Coach app designed for your patients.

Secure Messaging with Vision Therapy Patients

Personal Contact

Communicate securely with your patients using in-app Messages to provide a superior personal touch.

Reward Progress

Your team can easily check in on your patients, reward their progress or offer encouragement, answer any questions, or send reminders for future appointments.

Sync your Notes

You can also attach notes to patient profiles to help you and your team provide truly collaborative care.

Track and Improve Vision Therapy Outcomes

Track Outcomes

Analyze data at the patient and clinic level to help your patients achieve successful vision therapy outcomes.

Personalize Recommendations

You can track and measure progress for each patient enabling you to deliver personalized analysis and recommendations for their vision therapy exercises.

Improve Your Practice

As a team, you can view progress and outcomes across all of your patients and share insights to improve your practice.

Say hello to the new Binovi Saccadic

The new Binovi Saccadic is here, completely re-designed from the inside out.

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