A Purposeful and Powerful Tool for Vision Training and Vision Therapy

For Education, Sports, Healthy Aging and Rehabilitation

The original Wayne Saccadic Fixator defined the industry when it was introduced in the 1970s. Now, almost 50 years on, we have completely re-imagined the device from the inside out.

The new BinoviTM Saccadic combines the fundamental qualities of the original device with innovation in almost every dimension.

With the new BinoviTM Saccadic, you have the best platform to measure and train eye-hand coordination, reaction time, peripheral awareness, and visual memory for children, athletes, seniors, and rehab patients.

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Wireless Control

Using Bluetooth wireless sync to the Binovi Pro app, the new Binovi Saccadic is easy for you to control from your iPad.

Results are saved automatically to your patient’s profile… so it’s safe to pack away your notepad and pencil!

Rich Insights

Best-in-class charting and data visualization give you all the power and flexibility you need to analyze trends and progress over time.

Individual performance is recorded and mapped throughout each session to create a more detailed and complete picture of a patient’s progress.

Incredible New Features

We’ve re-engineering the new Binovi Saccadic with new technology, allowing for a greater range of activities.

New 49-light Array

Multi-colored lights with tactile response enable entirely new activities to increase cognitive and visual memory load for your patients.

LED-matrix displays

All new led-matrix displays power the next generation of accomodative rock activities for your patients

Customize and Create

Full control via Binovi Pro allows you to design custom activity sets, combining your favourite Saccadic activities with physical exercise routines into multi-disciplinary programs

Portable, Universal, Expandable

We’ve designed Binovi Saccadic to be as versatile as possible.


Built for endurance, yet light enough for you to carry.
Contact us for more information on recommended portable stands, mounting frames, and to order your custom carrying case.


Powered via usb so it’s easy to use, wherever you are in the world.
The Binovi Pro app is available in multiple languages.

Expandable (coming soon)

An ever-growing range of new accessories to be used with the new Saccadic are under development.
The Binovi open api integrates with certified 3rd-party devices

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